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Transforming your business digitally

If change is inevitable- then, digital business transformation is the ultimate challenge in change management. We @indglobal help catapult you through change with exponential success.

Rakesh Dadhich  (Founder & CEO)


Indglobal is a decade old, award winning, full service- digital transformation agency with cutting edge capabilities and comprehensive expertise to deliver business transformations with immense success worldwide.

We leverage our large knowledge base to deliver solutions that meets customer needs, business and budget expectations.

  • Decathlon
  • Jockey
  • Toyota
  • Quikr
  • Coats
  • LT
  • Shell
  • Lexus
  • HCG


  • Best E-commerce service Provider in Bengaluru, 2015
  • Awarded “Best startups in Mobile application Development services, 2016
  • Awarded “Best Startups the year 2017
  • Awarded “Best SME of the year in Web Designing & Mobile Apps Development”
  • Best Startups in Mobile Application Development
  • Best SME of the year
  • Best E-commerce services
  • Best Startups of 2017
  • International Arch of Europe Award
  • Most promising Web Design Company
  • Best E-commerce & Digital Marketing Company
  • Awarded “Most promising Web Design Company in Bangalore, 2011”
  • International Arch of Europe Award, 2015 Frankfurt”
  • Awarded “Best E-commerce & Digital Marketing Company in India, 2015”

Our Network

USA/UK/Australia/Malaysia/Singapore/Dubai/Hong Kong/Japan/Canada/France

  • 500+ Domestic & Global Clients
  • 80+ Seasoned Experts
  • 10+ countries clientele Base
  • 10+ Industry Verticals
  • 8+ Years of Excellence

Highest awarded company in its category


  • Indglobal was founded by Mr. Rakesh Dadhich in 2010. He has over 25 years of vivid experience in IT, Avionics and SAP. He holds a B.E, MBA and a PG diploma in ERP.
  • Before Indglobal, he was the M.D of Zunetech Consulting Pvt.Ltd which was into SAP implementation and managed a team of 100 highly qualified SAP professionals.

Why Indglobal is your 1st choice?

Rating and Accreditations

Indglobal is a member of accredited by D & B

Our Leadership Areas

Our Services

Ecommerce Consultant’s and Developers

End to End e-commerce services with Magento CE/Magento EE/ Custom Frameworks, System Integration- ERP, CRM, Logistics Integration

Mobile Application Consultants & developers

App Backend Development, Native iOS and Android development, Hybrid apps, Tablet Apps, API development, third Party Integrations, Mini Game Development

Customized Corporate websites

International Designs, device responsiveness, content management systems, cutting edge technology, search and speed optimized.

Product Development

Consultation, documentation, architecture, UX design, development on LAMP Stack, MEAN stack, Job Portals, News Portals, Travel Portals, LMS Ticketing Portals, Automotive Sites, Customized applications ( Multi-Platform)

Digital Marketing

SEO,SMO & Social Media

UX/UI design

Experience Driven App and Web UX design


  • Consultation
  • Documentation
  • Agile Planning
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch Maintenance


The Best Work With Us

A team of 80 professional team players including

  • Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Magento Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • Quality Analysis
  • PHP Developers
  • WordPress Developers
  • UX designers
  • Business Analysts
  • Front End Developers
  • Android Developers
  • Digital Marketing Experts


We work with the best in the world

Decathlon, Quikr, Toyota, Nasscom, IIMB, Jockey, Lexus, Karnataka Police, Shell MRPL Aviation, LT, Rent Rupee, Salarpuria Sattva, Allergan, KIOCL Limited, HCG Hospitals, Allergan,

Coats, Tejas Networks, BHEL, Citi, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals, MAC Wine Talk, Q tickets, Rare Rabbit, Adishwar, Snowman, SS Jewels, Shankara, Meraj, VDB,, HM Group, Tele DNA, Posiflex, Definer, Somaiya, IvyCamp and Confident Dental Care

Technology Mastery




React Native

Ionic Framework

Phone Gap,

IoT apps

Industrial Apps

Enterprise apps




Magento Enterprise



Tech Stacks

PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter)


Angular JS

React JS

LAMP Stack

MEAN Stack











Digital Ocean




Ethereum, Hyper Ledger




Adobe Experience Manager

Big Data/BI



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How To Convert The Visitors To Your Website Into Loyal Customers?


Are you tired of putting efforts into converting the visitors of your website into a loyal pool of customers? Are all your efforts going futile in turning your website traffic into potential customer base? If yes, then the following discussion will surely give you a fitting solution for all your website related queries. Dive deep into the below writings.
Below are some ways to garner more fruitful results in acquiring forever customer base through your website.
1. Make the Features of Your Website More Responsive
If your website is not fast and consumes much time to load, then, impatient visitors will definitely skip your website and you will end up losing valid customers. In order to grab the pulse of end-user, you should make the design of your website in such a way that it should open quickly and furnish the relevant information to the site visitor. In a recent survey, many online shoppers made it clear that they don’t make a transaction if a website is too slow. One interesting fact that you people have to notice here is, a faster website can make it to the top of Google’s rankings and also leave an unmatchable experience to your users. So, folks, the fast responsiveness of a website acts as the deciding factor in turning the visitors of a site into customers.
2. Don’t Fill the Website With Boring Stuff- Instead put-up Engaging Content
Just imagine a situation, if you go to a movie with many expectations and if that movie offered nothing but bullshit and illogical story. How much frustration will you get after experiencing that kind of irritating situations? Just like in the same way, if you post a content which is not even understandable for you, then, how can you expect the large section of online visitors liking your business website and turning out to be the forever customers of your company. The perfect content will get more search engine optimization results for your website and increases your conversions. As the content is the king, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned while coming up with the classic content.
3. Implement the Technique of Remarketing
The practice of Remarketing yielded miracles for many companies in the past few years. This process gives you an opportunity to connect with your visitors or leads in a very easy manner. This creates a chance for the people to complete the activities that they didn’t fulfill previously while visiting your website. The thing to be noted here is, a large section of customers have very rave reviews and positive feedback for the retargeted ads. This is also one of the best technique to improve site traffic and reliable user base for our products (or) services.
The implementation of the above-mentioned points can surely yield better results to your website traffic. They also can potentially turn the visitors of your website into loyal customers. Try out these suggestions and experience better results.

Best E-Commerce Service Provider In The Bengaluru City


An Indian Army officer lost his two legs in a terrorists attack at the border area which was happened some years before. As a consequence of his physical status, he returned back to his hometown after taking voluntary retirement from the military services. He went through a severe financial crunch and his whole family became hopeless at that moment of time. After witnessing all these pathetic situations, he decided to fight against all the odd circumstance surrounding him in the life. The army man finally found a hope in his impeccable capabilities of drawing the fine paintings. Then, he started spending more hours in carving the paintings of his own world. Very soon, his creative sketches struck the golden chord with the lovers of art and the orders for his paintings started increasing on a mammoth scale. After tasting the initial success, he wanted to explore more possible ways to promote his creations and one among them was that selling his paintings on a much-reputed E-Commerce website. This step taken by Ex-Soldier of Indian Army took his financial status to whole new heights and today he is leading a dreamy life along with his kin. He revealed that major proportion of his paintings revenue comes from Online Sales through E-Commerce website platform. The genuine and most inspiring story of this brave warrior with profound self-respect clearly showcases us the actual potential of E-Commerce sector in the current days of global scale trade.
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, one of the Best E-Commerce Companies In India boosts up the entrepreneurial journey of our clients with our top-notch services. As per one statistical survey, it is predicted that worldwide E-Commerce sales will touch the magic figure of $4 trillion by the year 2020. The progress of E-Commerce sector is so fast that, in the year 2016, E-Commerce retailers made $322.17 billion of sales revenue in the USA alone. Being aware of all these riveting facts, Indglobal always tends to cope up with the latest trends in the E-Commerce field of business.
Our company offers E-Commerce service to our clients at very low financial cost and invents new paths to generate 24/7 potential income for their business. Indglobal, one among the Best E-Commerce Companies In India guarantees to sell your products or services in the international market and we also strive restlessly to place your brand among the bestsellers. Our team of E-Commerce experts executes latest trends to reach the end-users of the market in an easy manner.
We take the things very professional in order to assure our clients with the organic growth of their business. Being one of the Best E-Commerce Companies In India, we take extreme care to avoid any Site Crash, build good reputation and goodwill to your products or services. Our E-Commerce services avoid any chance of invasive experiences for the users and assure with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We create the chances for you to scale your business in a quick manner and promises to enhance your sales prospects through bringing a high number of orders for your business. 
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd is the most sought-after name in the field of E-Commerce world and we also bagged several prestigious awards to our kitty in this field. So, guys, expand your business empire to whole new heights with the top-notch E-Commerce services from our company.
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Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore


Much ahead of the invention of mobile apps, Apple company founder Steve Jobs predicted about the arrival of “Apps and Their Advantages”. Apps initially originated from the early PDAs and evolved through Nokia 6110’s simple snake game and later reached the first 500 apps in the Apple’s App Store by the year 2008. Various types of mobile apps including iOS and Android mobile applications can be operated and functioned on all mobile devices (Such as smartphone or tablet computer) and used to improve the comfort levels in our day to day life. 
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd is the leading Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore and offers flawless services to our clients. Our mobile apps built on different operating systems can definitely yield massive growth to your company’s E-business. Our apps aim to create the authorized interaction with the customers which in turn will multiply the trade prospects of your firm. Indglobal implements the strategies to catch the pulse of targeted customers of your product (or) service. 
Being one of the superior Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore, we make cash registers ringing for your business by providing advertisement services. Indglobal also implements new age techniques to boost up the sales of your seasonal business. 
Indglobal, one of the notable Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore completely understands your needs and gives more value to the customers. Our strategies always reduce the cost of expenditure and increase loyal customer base to your products. Coming into the online sales, Indglobal enhances the online visibility of your brand and builds everlasting goodwill and reputation for your products and services. Our unique mobile apps also act as the best social media platforms and offer great support for your products (or) services to emerge as the winner amidst mammoth competition in the market. 
So, Guys, if you want to make your impact in the today’s trade circle, then, we can surely say that our mobile app development services can effectively assist you in achieving the desired business goals.  

10 Reasons to prove that Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd is the undisputed numero uno firm in the field of SEO services in the Bangalore city


 1. Search Engine Marketing experts who are also the certified Google professionals are the major assets of Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd. They always amaze our clients with their exceptional skills and strategies. Their unprecedented track record speaks volumes and their sheer passion towards the work helps Indglobal to cater your SEO needs in the best satisfying manner. 
2. Our SEO packages including Minimum contract period, On-page Optimization, Conversion Tracking, Inbound Content Marketing, Local search website optimization, Link strategy, Social media marketing, Reports are available at very affordable prices. The above-mentioned unique strategies solidified our position as the Top SEO Company In Bangalore.
3. We give utmost importance to the organic customer traffic to client’s site and we can say that our techniques are the superior standards for the rest of counterparts in the market. Indglobal, Top SEO Company In Bangalore strives honestly to garner a large pool of loyal customers to merchandise which in turn raises the turnover of our client’s business.
4. In the present days of digitalization, everything needs to be marketed on online platforms in order to achieve the desired business targets. Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd also provides Digital marketing services which in turn will surely boost up the sales prospects of your products or services. We offer the most profitable Digital Marketing services for our beloved clients.
5. Our services aim at promoting your products or services in all possible manners and we keep potential customers to be informed about your business. As most of the online customers do online research before making an actual transaction, we build trust and goodwill for your product among the large section of online users.
6. Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd never leaves any stone unturned in yielding On-page optimization for your site. Our company implements the unique strategies like Onsite recommendations & implementation, adding rich snippets, etc. Most importantly, we always keep in mind the factors which influence offline sales of your products and implements suitable SEO trends accordingly. 
7. Conversion tracking is the major aspect of SEO services which acts as a deciding factor for your trade prospects. As part of maintaining an effective conversion tracking mechanism, Indglobal emphasizes more upon the activities like purchases, sign-ups, and other different things which customers perform on your website.
8. Our SEO techniques remarkably enhance the market share value of our customers. SEO optimized website which usually appears on the first page of search results can take your product to the masses in the ions of ways. Indglobal makes your product to stand tall among all the available plethora of alternatives in the market.
9. Search Engine Optimization services by Indglobal gives you the scope to explore new markets and expand your business to new boundaries. Being the Top SEO Company In Bangalore, Indglobal integrates all of your online marketing activities and take your SEO ranking to the whole new heights. Our services also aim at multiplicating the social media status of your products or services.
10. Last but not the least, Indglobal is an award-winning firm in the field of SEO services and we have long-lasting ties with numerous globally renowned clients. We achieved a large of a section of happy customers through our impeccable SEO services and always committed to keeping up the same momentum in the coming days.
So, folks, grab a most money-making deal with the Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, Top SEO Company In Bangalore and find your products or services witnessing an unmatchable demand from the customers across the planet.   
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Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore

andriod 2

In present days, delicious food reaches your doorstep without the movement of your feet from your current staying place. You can book the tickets for a movie of your favorite superstar without rushing to theatre ticket counters. In a hassle-free manner, you can quickly plan a holiday trip to a famous tourist spot along with your best buddies. The reason behind all these comforts that we witnessed in our present days of life is efficiently working mobile applications aka mobile apps. Mobile apps make our world more comfortable and drastically reduces the time needed to fulfill our day to day requirements.
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore offers comprehensive services according to our client needs. We offer sophisticated development services for all the three kinds of mobile apps namely Native, Web, and Hybrid mobile applications. We employ the web coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript to develop the top quality mobile apps. 
As the leading company in the field of app development on iOS and Android app development platforms, Indglobal always empowers your business prospects with its unique strategies. As the iOS and Android are the two most effective operating systems for the electronic gadgets in the present days, Indglobal, Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore assures you with the abled mobile applications which aim at flawless functioning. Our areas of involvement include the fields such as E-Commerce, Retail, Multimedia, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Advertising, and many more. 
Indglobal, Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore also bagged prestigious awards like “International Arch Of Europe” and “Best SME For The Mobile App Development”. Our passionate team of mobile app development never failed to guarantee clients with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. 

Top E-Commerce Company In Bangalore


An old woman from one of the remote areas of Andhra Pradesh state left with no hope at the age of 60 years. The ignorance from children and relatives created more problems for her in the last stage of life. When the going got tough, she ultimately decided to rely upon her own unique skills of weaving the Silk Sarees. She started working for her livelihood at late age through weaving Silk sarees at her home. Soon, her hard work paid off and people started queuing up in front of her house to purchase the purely hand-loomed sarees. At that moment, one of the neighbors put her sarees for sale on a much-reputed E-Commerce website which made old woman’s pure desi outfits an instant hit among the online audience. Later, the good word of mouth and the powerful platform of E-Commerce website turned her Silk Sarees as hot cakes among the online customers and within no time the old woman expanded her business turnover to whole new heights and started providing employment to many women who are facing similar kind of problems just like her. After tasting the success and redeeming the lost self-respect, the heroine of this story revealed that decision to sell her handmade Silk Sarees on an E-Commerce website was the major reason behind her tremendous success in the life. This inspiring saga of this old woman is a riveting example of the potential of E-Commerce in the present days’ competitive trade. 
E-Commerce is the most happening sector of industry in present days with large-scale booming opportunities. Indglobal is the Top E-Commerce Company In Bangalore which has successful yet long-lasting ties with many globally renowned clients. We have bagged prestigious awards like “Best E-Commerce Service Provider In Bangalore” to our kitty. Our E-Commerce services make an excellent scope to find your products online in an easy manner. Indglobal’s services provide a comprehensive range of advantages like low operational costs and cheaper cost of inventory management. 
Indglobal always carefully observes your competitors in the market and don’t leave any stone unturned in making your products superior to them. Being the Top E-Commerce Company In Bangalore, we assure to develop a large pool of happy customer to your brand. Our services aim at developing a vibrant yet quite informative website for the E-Commerce needs of our clients. The E-Commerce websites developed by Indglobal are handsomely SEO optimized and will be integrated with Paypal. 
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, Top E-Commerce Company In Bangalore uses most sought after E-Commerce platforms such as Drupal commerce, Jigoshop, Magento, Oscommerce, Presto shop, Uber cart, Virtue Mart, Woo-commerce, and Shopify. At Indglobal, we completely understand the requirements of our clients and offer the best grade services within the budget constraints. We already proved our mettle in the effective maintenance of E-Commerce website and they include Banner management, Content creation Product management, etc. 
Indglobal, Top E-Commerce Company In Bangalore also develops Shopping Cart websites for our beloved clients which are built on the platforms like HTML5, PHP, XAMPP, Codeigniter, Bootstrap, WordPress. Online Shopping Cart developed by us acts as a virtual shopping cart and our E-Commerce hosting services are unique in the market which makes the online transactions much flexible for your business. Our company is also the numero uno firm in the field of SEO services.
So, guys, we cordially invite you to sign a money-making agreement with Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, Top E-Commerce Company In Bangalore and get your E-Commerce business needs serving in the most satisfied manner. 
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