Website Development Company in India

Website Development Company in India

IndGlobal, the best Website Development Company in India functions with the sole aim to offer best in class web-based services to our clients. The indglobal team focuses on detailed research in the target market before proposing a solution to clients.
We believe in offering businesses with valuable, relevant and functional web-based services. As a Web Development Company, customer web application development, CMS web development, Mobile application development, e-commerce store development, WordPress web development, and open source development are some of our services.
Indglobal has a team of dedicated professionals whose proficiency in work set us apart in the competitive industry.  Indglobal is a reliable Website Development Company in India that offers a full facility of designing and developing a website at an affordable cost. We are one of the top e-commerce development and digital marketing company working for several years. With a valid experience of years in the designing and development industry, we offer numerous flawless services like website re-designing services, e-commerce services, e-commerce store development, web development etc. With the smart work and innovative solutions, we have several leading brands of our clientele.
As a web development company, indglobal accomplishes a lot in the industry.  Indglobal is a full-service web development services and our project managers are specially trained to grasp business models, USP’s and the web development needs. After establishing the business objectives, we work on achieving the best design possible. Once the first part is done, we start with web development by keeping your unique business requirements in mind.
Our web design and development services enhance your brand value and help your business stand out from other competitors. Our team develops websites by keeping the customer requirements in mind. Achieve the best conversion rate and great traffic to your website. No matter what devices your customers use to access your website, we as the best Website Development Company in India offers you the best digital experience.
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Top 10 e-commerce website Development Company in India

Ecommerce website design in bangalore

ECommerce web development has become mandatory for businesses to drive a significant amount of traffic to the store. IndGlobal is one of the Top 10 e-commerce website Development Company in India, offering simple yet effective e-commerce web designs, plugins module development solutions, theme development etc for both smallscale and large enterprises.
With In-depth knowledge of the fast-paced industry, IndGlobal provides services on various platforms like OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more. We have highly skilled professionals who are updated with the latest trends happening in the industry.
Our valid years of experience in the industry enables us to take up different aspects of any online business. IndGlobal, one of the Top 10 e-commerce website Development Company in India aims at helping out our clients to reach out to the global audience. We develop and implement end to end e-commerce solutions that can be easily integrated with your website. We believe in offering cost-efficient and on time delivery along with great quality. With the strong determination and passion on what we do, we have a consistent client base.
Our team of experienced developers analyzes your business requirements and come up with a design that meets the e-commerce goals of your store. To manage the competition going around, your online store should have a great visual appeal. Be it a laptop, PC, tablets or smartphones, we make sure that your store functions well on all platforms. We have a qualified team of developers serving you with a number of add-ons, modules, interactions and various support features.
Every e-commerce shopping cart we build will be integrated with a well-developed payment gateway system for various e-commerce frames. Our plugins optimize the functionality of your e-commerce store and website. Our web development and customization services help in delivering out of box solutions, not our customers.
At Indglobal, we offer the most flexible and scalable CMS system. Our exceptional content management system is sufficient to meet all your expectations. Being one of the Top 10 e-commerce website Development Company in India, and globally provides excellent e-commerce solutions to various business niches.
We have a specialist team of top web designers and developers who have specialized in WordPress and Magento solutions. We are a result-driven agency serving all niches such as Corporate, Real Estate, Beauty, education etc.

Website Design Company in Bangalore

website design service bangalore


Are you a new business seeking for a company website! Or your company website looks outdated and you want to revamp it? Whatever be the case be, you have to hire the Website Design Company in Bangalore to help you in creating a functional business website.
A great web design serves as a tool that delivers plenty of benefits for your company. While your website contains rich content, will users be able to find what they are looking for? Customers tend to judge your site within seconds of visiting. If it’s not easy to navigate or cluttered, there are chances that your audience directs towards a competitor website.
IndGlobal is a qualified web design company having high skilled professional team of designers who are proficient in the work they do. Before heading on to the design, we analyze our customer’s requirement thoroughly. We also learn about the target audience and the scope of the business, and then we will come up with the best possible design for you. We specialize in building responsive websites to reach your audience, increase brand, and improve traffic and to capitalize revenue. We come up with latest technologies to design smart user interfaces that suit your business.
IndGlobal is one of the Website Design Company in Bangalore that helps clients design websites of high efficiency and performance. We build different types of websites including e-commerce websites and helps increase online traffic to the site. Our team of designers will help you design the entire website and also help you to deliver the best online presence that can boost your sales. We also help you design websites that are functional both in desktop and mobile version. As our top priority is to understand your business, we will be able to suggest a strategy that matches your requirement.
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Android app Development Company in koramangala

android app development in Koramangala

As an Android app Development Company in koramangala, Indglobal emphasis on the importance creating android mobile apps for businesses. Mobile apps are a magnificent source of entertainment, knowledge, education, online shopping, food supply, hotel search, e-commerce and more.
We are living in a digital world where most of the customers are using mobile apps for various purposes. As the use of mobile devices increases, in this digital era, a mobile app for business is essential for establishing a full-fledged connectivity with your customers. The fact that 70% of smartphone users prefer android devices, calls for the need of android app development. Earlier it was apple which was the ultimate operating system for smartphones, but now the position is shared by android as well.
An android app for your business ensures a significant amount of convenience for your customers to access information about the services and products you provide. Shopping for products from android mobile apps offers a lot of convenience. We are living in an era of mobility where people, want everything at their fingertips. Be your business small or large; you will be able to monetize your mobile app.
Branding and recognition is also an important aspect of a business and having a mobile app will help you establish your credibility. Having a mobile app will also give your business the potential to engage with your users in real time. If done right, you will be successful in converting those engage into revenue generating sources. If you are into e-commerce, having a mobile app is something you have to consider. It gives your users the flexibility to do the traditional things digitally.
IndGlobal is a top Android app Development Company in koramangala that offers mobile apps that features cutting-edge technology. We already have proven experience in build restaurant, hospital, education, gardening, real-estate, online trading, city guide and more for our clients.

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Website Design Company in India

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If you are a small or large business that is yet to take the full advantage of what the internet has to offer, then start right off. For most businesses, an online presence is an afterthought. In this technological era, the basic step of modernizing your business begins with creating a website. As more customers search on the internet for products and services, being found in the web becomes critical.

Indglobal is a leading Website Design Company in India that offers a full-fledged web design and development services at a reasonable price. We are one of the best web design company in Bangalore with valid experience in the industry in designing a logo, web re-designing, e-commerce design, web development, digital marketing and more. With our innovative and creative work, we have worked with several leading brands and reputed clients.
Though we believe that a website would be packed with rich content, IndGlobal focuses equally on navigation and usability as well. Users take a mere second to judge a website as soon as they land on it. If the website is confusing and doesn’t provide simple navigation, the chances are that they will move to a competitor site.
A poorly designed website is similar to an unhelpful customer care service. Whereas, a well-designed site is a polite and friendly customer care service that results in happy customers.
IndGlobal, the best Website Design Company in India boasts a team of experts who have deep knowledge in the industry combined with experience in the digital media world, web designing, and development. We find a passion to develop creative and unique ideas and transfer it into innovative business solutions.
We team up with our clients to deliver the intended message to the target audience through the best possible comprehensive range of graphic design services. Our web design services are applied to a wide range of professional disciplines of visual communication. All our graphic designers employ unique and creative ideas to deliver, combine images and to create a visual representation of business ideas.
Strong visual and neatly organized design tends to increase the legitimacy of any website. These basic elements of a website can enhance the quality of your brand and help to establish a trust with your customers. Customers will equate the experience they have with your website as an experience with your brand personality. If you are unsure about how to process a web design for your brand, seek the assistance of a top Website Design Company in India.
At Indglobal, we believe that a great web design starts with hierarchy. A clearly defined hierarchy is critical from a business perspective as it prioritizes info for your users. To interact with your website, a busy user doesn’t have to spend a long time as the website already aesthetically defines messages on the basis of priority.
A good web design is equivalent to narrating your brand story. As a top Web Design Company in India, IndGlobal combines design and technology with strategizing skills to deliver effective and impressive service to our clients.
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Website Design company in India

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Indglobal is an outstanding website design company in India which assists you to create most attractive and a long-lasting Impression through our Website Designing Services. As a website design agency, we value creating web solutions that will build impressionable brands. We at Indglobal design and develop a world-class website to be used as the key for your brand image, We make your corporate image look good, no matter what type of media you use to broadcast your message to the world. Quality and innovation are the two weapons that make us the best website design company providing brilliant website design services in India. Our sole aim is to create technically sound yet simple business solutions that perform high at an affordable cost.
Our Web Designing expertise extends across various zones, we have designed websites for manufacturers, real-estate firms, hospitals, service companies, merchants, healthcare domains, online portals, mobile applications and much more. Our innovative and imaginative arrangements help clients in finding out a path to the best arrangement along these we gained a name as the best Website Designing Company in India. Your Website should not only be informative but also should be good website is one that has the strength to attract and enjoy visitors. Our team is adept at using cutting-edge technologies to customize everything from the look and feel of front-end to expert back-end programming that results in a highly dynamic, fully functional and interactive web solution.
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Zend or CakePHP Framework


We specialize in website designing in India and work closely and friendly with our customers to design qualitative, responsive and mobile friendly websites. Our team of developers follows a right combination of hard work and expertise that helps to deliver attractive and unique sites that operates brilliantly. As a top web design company in India with 9+ years of experience, we have established a stable reputation for the quality service and meticulous planning. We enable companies and organizations to better communicate with their target audience by the use of effective design in branding, print, and web. We have a very good reputation and our clients speak high about us! Our expertise and professional is well reflected in our clientele.
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WordPress development in Koramangala


WordPress development in Koramangala

Officially launched in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular CMS or content management system around the globe. Today, this platform is used by millions of website to publish new content every second.
For the same reason, WordPress development in Koramangala has become a necessity for all business regardless of their size. This CMS system is the top favorite among businesses because of its power usage. Whether you want to launch a business website or a blog, WordPress is extremely beneficial. As it is free, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges as well.
IndGlobal focuses on WordPress development in Koramangala with sheer determination and motive to serve clients with top digital solutions. The core strength of our team is WordPress development, e-commerce, CMS development, customization and implementation. We offer services like WordPress customization, HTML to WordPress design, WordPress theme conversion, extension development, customer module development, theme development and more. We have a talented and professional team who will assists you through the entire development cycle.
Collaborate with our creative team to develop a website that reflects the essence of your brand and enhances your performance. Integrate our website and blog into a cohesive platform so as to give you’re target audience access to all your product and services quickly.
Indglobal is committed to offer custom made WordPress solutions to our clients. We have experience in developing and managing websites to a wide range of customers. We design WordPress website as per the exact requirements of your business. We help you develop user-friendly and easily navigable website that is versatile enough to meet your requirements.
IndGlobal assures 100% customization in WordPress themes and usage. We integrate several plugins that suits your unique requirements and business purposes. You will be open to the hundreds of plugins available in the market to enhance the richness of our website.
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