Crucial Points to Improve Website Performance and Attract Maximum Traffic

website performance attract maximum traffic

It is very important to sustain the amount of traffic in a particular website, which makes the loads of data. The major point is to keep the pace of the website continuing and increase its performance slowly and gradually. There are many factors that keep the rate of the page high, but to cultivate the performance at a sustainable level, hire the best website development companies in India that keeps the website always on the top. Here are some strategies best put forward to enhance the rating of the website-

Good Load Time


If the website manages to be at very good speed and at the same time takes less time to load pages, without killing people’s time, it will surely enhance the speed of the website. People start losing interest if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load. According to Google researches, the best practice should be made of 3 seconds though rarely any websites follow the rule of three seconds to load a page. Also, studies show that the page is abandoned by the users if it takes more than 22 seconds to load and the bounce rates jumps to 123%.

Clear the HTML documents

Whenever something is written in HTML, focus on writing it concise and precise. HTML has wide features of inclusive headings, sub-headings and informative graphics. JavaScript should be faced properly; huge files can be combined into files and CSS should be placed in a top position. These small factors make huge impact and makes the website achieve a top position in the Google Ranking.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Technological advancement has made life easier and convenient to a greater extent. We can see this as there is hardly anyone without a smart phone. And mobile optimization in this case becomes much more important factor as condensing a website to a mobile browser invites more audience to visit pages conveniently.

Use of Web Caching

Web Caching

In order to improve speed and performance and reduce bandwidth, websites adapt a mechanism of web caching. It’s a technique to temporary store web pages, so when a user visits a page, only the cached service will be served up until the old cached page is updated. Enabling this feature in the website ensures speed and make things much faster.

Shrink the files through Minification

Rocket Loader

Optimize and shrink the contents to a condensed form, so there are lesser files. There is a feature called Rocket Loader that automatically combines JavaScript with the file. Though this requires to accomplish codes, the techniques of bundling and minification saves space and improves ranking.

Space for conversion should be given an upper hand

The website should be potential enough that a mere visitor should be transformed into a customer. For that the it should offer website conversions we want the visitors to do what we want them to. For instance, it should offer services such as subscription of newsletter, an option to buy products, a guide or a webinar anything which hooks up the user in the website. Even a 1 second delay will bring down the productivity of the site. Website Conversion is a great option.

Optimization of images

Optimization of images

Images are of utmost importance to a website. It is the reason that engages a visitor for a longer time. That is the sole reason why websites depend on attractive images, and infographics which improves engagement and improves traffic in a website. But images have a negative side too. Those are large files which take a lot of space and slows down the speed of the website due to its large size. Use HTML responsive images that adjust image size on the website display.

Reduce the size of Font

The same is the case with fonts too, as web fonts add requests to HTTP to external resources. The popular web fonts also reduce the speed of the websites to a great extent. Use of modern format and choosing the needed style will reduce the bulkiness and optimize the speed.

Use Redirect judiciously


Websites should have a habit of lessening or eliminating redirects as much as possible. Websites creates unnecessary HTTP requests which ultimately creates a negative impact on the website performance. Use it judiciously and keep the critical and important ones, the rest redirects can be eliminated from the websites which ultimately boosts ranking.

Choose a suitable host

A host is the most important before anything else.  A dedicated host always shares space with several other companies, website gives positive impact to other people using it. Hence, it opens a platform of higher visibility for the business to flourish and boosts ranking accordingly.

To Sum Up

This detailed analysis shows how focusing on some these aspects enhances better visibility of the websites. To achieve top visibility, cultivate top web development companies in Bangalore that uses such factors like mobile optimization, web caching, optimization of fonts and images. These strategies will definitely help to enhance website performance.



The Role and Importance of Logo Designing for Your Business

Woman Designer Interior Working Workspace Concept

Every successful business is immediately recognized by its logo which is a symbol of everything that the company represents. Whether it is Microsoft, Audi or Coca-Cola, companies invest generously in creating that perfect logo that can be identified with the products and services that the company offers. If you are looking to achieve major success with your business, it is important that you get yourself the best quality logo designing solutions that can help in coming up with the best logo design. A logo designing company can consider the specific needs and goals of your business and then create a highly unique logo for your business that can be beneficial for your company for many years to come.

Effective methods of designing a logo

Logo Design

Designing a logo is a complex process and a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. It should pictorially describe the motto and goal of your company and also indicate the quality of the products and the ideals that your company is looking to live up to. Apart from being unique, it should represent a number of important information symbolically that should appeal to the target audience that you are looking to do business with. Since a logo is something that you are going to use for a long time, it is necessary that you hire the expertise of a professional logo designing expert that has been in business for a long time. With experience and skill, a logo designing firm can create a logo that can be very good for your business.

The services offered by a logo designing company

services offered by a logo designing company

It is a well-known fact that having the right logo can enhance your sales figures within a short time. On the other hand, a poor-quality logo can only work to reduce your competitive edge and make it difficult for you to grow and prosper. Plenty of companies have suffered in the past due to poor quality logo design. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you find a logo designer that can offer you smart and competent solutions for your business. A logo and banner designing company in Bangalore can offer you with custom logo designing solutions that can be very good for your company. They can also offer you plenty of different logo designs and concepts to choose from so that you can find a logo that speaks to you. This can help you to take your business to higher levels of success in a short time.

Looking for a logo designer

logo designing company

Finding a logo designing company that can offer you the best services can be a hard thing to do, especially since there are so many notable companies that offer such solutions. It is important that you have a look at the logo artwork that has been created by some of these companies in order to choose a design concept that goes well with your personal sense of taste. This will help you to find a logo designer that is just right for you.

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Complete Guide to Designing a Powerful Website


What are web design and implementation all about? Is it just about planning layouts, choosing Content Management Systems and getting your codes in order? Not really! Web designing is a way more nuanced exercise than what we have mentioned here.

Why are you Creating this website?

At the very onset, one needs to decide the purpose behind creating the website in the first place. Why do you want to create a website?

  • Is it to promote yourself (like artists, authors, musicians do)?
  • Is it to promote your business or an institution that you’re running (a school, painting class, dance class etc)?
  • Do you just want to inform your audience about what you or your business do/does?
  • Do you want to draw membership from the website as well?
  • Who do you want to appeal to? Which audience group are you targeting?

Not many are aware but having a clear idea about the gender and age of your target audience actually helps you zero in on a smart layout for your site. When it comes to web design in Bangalore the “preparation” actually starts way before you think it starts. Once your intentions of creating a website are spelt out clearly you can actually get on with the design preparation. Here is a look at the comprehensive steps to create a website.

Step 1: Planning the Design

Planning the Design

The design preparation starts with getting on with the web editor and initiating your design after you have collected important data reflecting the preferred design styles of your target audience. Then:

  • Prepare the format of the website
  • Implement the sitemap
  • Decide on the scripting language to be employed – like Java, PHP etc

Step 2: The Editorial Board

The real designing of the site starts with you entering the editorial board, getting your design tools ready etc. However, the wisest souls out there suggest that you should ideally go on to prepare a rough of the design before getting on with the editorial board and that’s quite simply because of the fact there are inevitable mistakes that you wouldn’t want to see on the editorial board. At this stage, the best web design company in India would invariably carry out a validation of the search engine optimized URLs – thereby making sure that they are right where they should be.

Important steps at this stage include:

  • Choosing wire-frames
  • Format of the site
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Themes
  • Icons and Fonts

Step 3: Content planning

Get your targeted keywords in place and create an SEO sitemap. Include blogs, testimonials and vlogs in your site. These are the top draws for websites that drive traffic. Choose appealing fonts.

Step 4: Designing the site

Now starts the actual process of creating the website. JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery are the most commonly used languages.

Step 5: Testing the website

Testing the website

This stage is important to ascertain whether the intention behind the creation of your website is fulfilled or not. Check whether the design is working efficiently across all platforms including mobile devices, laptops, tablets and desktop or not. Please ensure that the source codes are working properly as well.

  • Check alt text deployment for your images
  • Authenticate structured and data schema
  • Make sure image load times are duly optimized for search engines
  • Template Coding validation

Step 6: Create Content for the site

  • Choose at least 500 or 1000 words to start off with
  • Present your content well with the help of sub-headings, bullet points and small paragraphs
  • Write meta title and description
  • Check the double landing pages for quality validation

Step 7: Web Hosting

Your web developer will tell you that only creating the site and content will not really do – as far as web designing is concerned. You need proper web hosting services to secure storage space and access for your website.

Step 8: Marketing


Search Engine Optimization and promotion of websites through digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are an important part of the website marketing.

Step 9: Maintenance

Website maintenance encompasses constant review of your site via fixing broken links, updating it with new content, checking links and bringing about changes in style of writing as per your readers (if that’s required).

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3 Social Media Optimisation Myths Debunked for the Masses

When it comes to explaining what Social Media is, in simple words, it is a community of people whom you know personally and professionally while being connected through different mediums. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or probably any other website; you get to retrieve a lot of information from it.

social media optimisation company bangaloreWhile we all connect with the world through social media, what about those who put out the information for people to know about them. That can make the social media a platform for advertisement. Well, why won’t people advertise themselves when it can reach the masses in no time?

This is where a social media optimisation company in Bangalore plays an active role in most businesses old and new. Creating attractive digital banners and advertisements and luring people to know more about them with the help of specific tools is what hits the bull’s eye.

While there are several who find it sceptical to use Social Media optimisation techniques for their brand, they are known to follow myths and do not know the truth. Here are a few of the myths debunked.

Myth 1 – There is the need to be everywhere, and that becomes time-consuming

Truth – While there are multiple social media platforms to be in, starting with just a few and establishing yourself is the key to success. While each platform needs you to approach their audience differently, you should focus on the ones where there is the presence of your target audience and that too in a large number. Simply being there on platforms and not being able to connect to the right people makes no sense.

Myth 2 – The same post can be published on all platforms

This is something that several follow, and that is where they fail to get the most of the social media and the benefits it has to offer. The type of audience that you have on LinkedIn isn’t the same as that you would find on Instagram. Therefore, if you post a colourful and peppy post on LinkedIn, you wouldn’t be taken seriously, but the same can bring attention to Instagram and vice versa. Therefore, each post should be created in the way the audience would receive it.

Myth 3 – Social Media is to sell my products and services

It isn’t a marketplace where you put out your products and services along with the price and sell it. There are eCommerce websites for doing so. It is a platform where you convey information to them in a way that redirects to your brand. It could be your website or probably contact details but not anything that is directly on the face.

It is time you un-follow these myths and get on with taking social media optimisation as a serious part of your brand promotion.

social media optimization services in bangalore

Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd | Website Design | Mobile App Development | ECommerce |SEO|Graphic Design


IndGlobal Digital Private Limited

Transforming your business digitally

If change is inevitable- then, digital business transformation is the ultimate challenge in change management. We @indglobal help catapult you through change with exponential success.

Rakesh Dadhich  (Founder & CEO)


Indglobal is a decade old, award winning, full service- digital transformation agency with cutting edge capabilities and comprehensive expertise to deliver business transformations with immense success worldwide.

We leverage our large knowledge base to deliver solutions that meets customer needs, business and budget expectations.

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Our Network

USA/UK/Australia/Malaysia/Singapore/Dubai/Hong Kong/Japan/Canada/France

  • 500+ Domestic & Global Clients
  • 80+ Seasoned Experts
  • 10+ countries clientele Base
  • 10+ Industry Verticals
  • 8+ Years of Excellence

Highest awarded company in its category


  • Indglobal was founded by Mr. Rakesh Dadhich in 2010. He has over 25 years of vivid experience in IT, Avionics and SAP. He holds a B.E, MBA and a PG diploma in ERP.
  • Before Indglobal, he was the M.D of Zunetech Consulting Pvt.Ltd which was into SAP implementation and managed a team of 100 highly qualified SAP professionals.

Why Indglobal is your 1st choice?

Rating and Accreditations

Indglobal is a member of accredited by D & B

Our Leadership Areas

Our Services

Ecommerce Consultant’s and Developers

End to End e-commerce services with Magento CE/Magento EE/ Custom Frameworks, System Integration- ERP, CRM, Logistics Integration

Mobile Application Consultants & developers

App Backend Development, Native iOS and Android development, Hybrid apps, Tablet Apps, API development, third Party Integrations, Mini Game Development

Customized Corporate websites

International Designs, device responsiveness, content management systems, cutting edge technology, search and speed optimized.

Product Development

Consultation, documentation, architecture, UX design, development on LAMP Stack, MEAN stack, Job Portals, News Portals, Travel Portals, LMS Ticketing Portals, Automotive Sites, Customized applications ( Multi-Platform)

Digital Marketing

SEO,SMO & Social Media

UX/UI design

Experience Driven App and Web UX design


  • Consultation
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  • Agile Planning
  • Designing
  • Development
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  • Launch Maintenance


The Best Work With Us

A team of 80 professional team players including

  • Project Managers
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  • PHP Developers
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  • UX designers
  • Business Analysts
  • Front End Developers
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How To Convert The Visitors To Your Website Into Loyal Customers?


Are you tired of putting efforts into converting the visitors of your website into a loyal pool of customers? Are all your efforts going futile in turning your website traffic into potential customer base? If yes, then the following discussion will surely give you a fitting solution for all your website related queries. Dive deep into the below writings.
Below are some ways to garner more fruitful results in acquiring forever customer base through your website.
1. Make the Features of Your Website More Responsive
If your website is not fast and consumes much time to load, then, impatient visitors will definitely skip your website and you will end up losing valid customers. In order to grab the pulse of end-user, you should make the design of your website in such a way that it should open quickly and furnish the relevant information to the site visitor. In a recent survey, many online shoppers made it clear that they don’t make a transaction if a website is too slow. One interesting fact that you people have to notice here is, a faster website can make it to the top of Google’s rankings and also leave an unmatchable experience to your users. So, folks, the fast responsiveness of a website acts as the deciding factor in turning the visitors of a site into customers.
2. Don’t Fill the Website With Boring Stuff- Instead put-up Engaging Content
Just imagine a situation, if you go to a movie with many expectations and if that movie offered nothing but bullshit and illogical story. How much frustration will you get after experiencing that kind of irritating situations? Just like in the same way, if you post a content which is not even understandable for you, then, how can you expect the large section of online visitors liking your business website and turning out to be the forever customers of your company. The perfect content will get more search engine optimization results for your website and increases your conversions. As the content is the king, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned while coming up with the classic content.
3. Implement the Technique of Remarketing
The practice of Remarketing yielded miracles for many companies in the past few years. This process gives you an opportunity to connect with your visitors or leads in a very easy manner. This creates a chance for the people to complete the activities that they didn’t fulfill previously while visiting your website. The thing to be noted here is, a large section of customers have very rave reviews and positive feedback for the retargeted ads. This is also one of the best technique to improve site traffic and reliable user base for our products (or) services.
The implementation of the above-mentioned points can surely yield better results to your website traffic. They also can potentially turn the visitors of your website into loyal customers. Try out these suggestions and experience better results.

Best E-Commerce Service Provider In The Bengaluru City


An Indian Army officer lost his two legs in a terrorists attack at the border area which was happened some years before. As a consequence of his physical status, he returned back to his hometown after taking voluntary retirement from the military services. He went through a severe financial crunch and his whole family became hopeless at that moment of time. After witnessing all these pathetic situations, he decided to fight against all the odd circumstance surrounding him in the life. The army man finally found a hope in his impeccable capabilities of drawing the fine paintings. Then, he started spending more hours in carving the paintings of his own world. Very soon, his creative sketches struck the golden chord with the lovers of art and the orders for his paintings started increasing on a mammoth scale. After tasting the initial success, he wanted to explore more possible ways to promote his creations and one among them was that selling his paintings on a much-reputed E-Commerce website. This step taken by Ex-Soldier of Indian Army took his financial status to whole new heights and today he is leading a dreamy life along with his kin. He revealed that major proportion of his paintings revenue comes from Online Sales through E-Commerce website platform. The genuine and most inspiring story of this brave warrior with profound self-respect clearly showcases us the actual potential of E-Commerce sector in the current days of global scale trade.
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, one of the Best E-Commerce Companies In India boosts up the entrepreneurial journey of our clients with our top-notch services. As per one statistical survey, it is predicted that worldwide E-Commerce sales will touch the magic figure of $4 trillion by the year 2020. The progress of E-Commerce sector is so fast that, in the year 2016, E-Commerce retailers made $322.17 billion of sales revenue in the USA alone. Being aware of all these riveting facts, Indglobal always tends to cope up with the latest trends in the E-Commerce field of business.
Our company offers E-Commerce service to our clients at very low financial cost and invents new paths to generate 24/7 potential income for their business. Indglobal, one among the Best E-Commerce Companies In India guarantees to sell your products or services in the international market and we also strive restlessly to place your brand among the bestsellers. Our team of E-Commerce experts executes latest trends to reach the end-users of the market in an easy manner.
We take the things very professional in order to assure our clients with the organic growth of their business. Being one of the Best E-Commerce Companies In India, we take extreme care to avoid any Site Crash, build good reputation and goodwill to your products or services. Our E-Commerce services avoid any chance of invasive experiences for the users and assure with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We create the chances for you to scale your business in a quick manner and promises to enhance your sales prospects through bringing a high number of orders for your business. 
Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd is the most sought-after name in the field of E-Commerce world and we also bagged several prestigious awards to our kitty in this field. So, guys, expand your business empire to whole new heights with the top-notch E-Commerce services from our company.
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